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[Comments] (9) : I haven't yet figured out if these are making fun of Kerry or not, but I thought this one was very funny.


Posted by John at Thu Jul 08 2004 14:53

Ha! They can cap Medicare. I mean it. I'm tired of paying for other people's benefits.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Jul 08 2004 18:04

How do y'all feel about means-testing or raising the age limit for Medicare and Social Security?

I think they are a nudge, gently mocking. Kerry (like me) feels the need to make his every policy statement literally true, so he actually mentions the nuances, as you can tell with the "what he actually said" part of the article. In my experience, you see this a lot with legislators who are suddenly running for an executive-branch post. If he were a person who skipped the details and disclaimers, like many, then he would talk like the first version and the "footnotes" wouldn't be there.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jul 09 2004 12:10

I think that if he (or anyone) talked without all those qualifiers, they would never be elected. You can't just campaign to one specific group, and you would always contradict yourself.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jul 09 2004 13:42

I haven't really thought about raising the age limit for social security/Medicaid. Sumana, if you have thought about it, I am interested to know more.

Posted by Frances at Mon Jul 12 2004 18:46

I want to LOWER the age limit for Medicare. To my age. My health insurance runs out October 12, 2006. I won't be old enough for Medicare and I don't qualifiy for MediCal, and I don't know what I will do.

Wish we had universal health care.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Jul 13 2004 12:32

What about insurance through your job? Is that what you are on now?

Posted by John at Tue Jul 13 2004 13:42

One more year and Susie and I will finally have real health insurance that we can actually afford to use.

Posted by Susie at Tue Jul 13 2004 15:47

Yay! Thanks for getting better job than me, honey.

Posted by Frances at Tue Jul 13 2004 19:38

I don't have a job. I'm on disability. I can stay on the high school districts insurance for $136 a month for five years after I stop working, and then I'm on my own. That is October 12, 2006.

I do teach a class at the college but it's not a real job. It's an hourly contract thing with no benefits, and it only pays for the hour you are in the classroom, not any of the paper grading and prep time.

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