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[Comments] (2) July 9, 2004: approx. 5:30 AM:I made a goal that I have to do two productive non-work things a day. Since I spent my evening napping (and still can hardly stay awake) I made myself crochet (two pairs of booties) and make fliers for the ward food drive. Now Iím going back to playing solitaire.

Today has been full of errand-running and Susie is very tired. I didnít even get a present for my nephew, whose birthday party is the main reason I went out in the first place.

Iíve noticed that when I get an email or a phone call from an old roommate I never hear from they are announcing that they are engaged, or if already married, pregnant. Well, Julie called me today, and had the latter news. She and Jared are expecting a baby in November. I am very happy for them. Good thing I bought plenty of yarn today.


Posted by Kristen at Wed Jul 14 2004 10:18

That's a good goal, but I would have to start with "crochet a bootie a day" not two pairs!! You make me tired. I wish I knew how to crochet.

BTW, what is your phone # again? I thought I saved it in my cell phone but apparently not.

Posted by Susie at Thu Jul 15 2004 12:03

It takes me about half an hour for one bootie, but that was being timed very early in the AM, trying to get one done in between each check.

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