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: When I got home today, I thought, "This is what time I got up yesterday, and I have work 18 hours since then." This is my life.

A busy day today (I love projects!) and tomorrow. As if I hadn't put enough things off to do tomorrow, my first day off (an actual 24 hours with no work) in ages, I now have a random interview. But that is a good thing. Also on my plate: Grocery shopping, emissions check, and a Stampin' Up party. Hmm, there must be more things on my list at home because that doesn't sound like very much.

Saturday morning, after a 2 hour nap at Grandma's, we are heading up to the cabin for the day. I am bringing the chips, hence the need for grocery shopping. I believe I could live on cereal for another week or two, although I can tell the caramel colorant is starting to affect me.

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