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: Home safe. From the treacherous mid-summer drive down I-80. John is, hopefully, safely on his way back to CA. We had a great weekend. I dumped my purse out while unpacking and found a note reminding me that I have an interview tomorrow morning, so rather than write more details, I am going to bed. Besides, I'm sure I'll write again before most of you even read this entry.

It is always nice to be home, even though today it meant leaving John at the airport. 13 more days!

: Ok, since everyone knows how much I like food...

For dinner on Saturday, John took me to this tiny Vietnamese restaurant, where we had potstickers and curry- how much better could it get! I haven't had potstickers in forever, I almost forgot how yummy they were. Yesterday for lunch we went to Pizza Hut where John let me get stuffed crust pizza and a salad. Plus, since stuffed crust only comes in large, I had pizza again for lunch today, and I will be having it for dinner and lunch tomorrow, I'm sure. Yum.

We had lots of fun shopping and walking around town and around the neighborhood. The weather was lovely, especially on Sunday. I am tired of being all hot and sticky.

I had an interview this morning, and another one on Thursday. I am trying to find a morning job because I am a little tired of working at night. Or at least I will be once John comes home. Busy week, but I get to go see Grandma June.

[Comments] (3) : I bought a cookie ball maker at the outlets for $2. Hopefully it will make my cookie ball making days easier.

: I have more than an hour left and my job has gotten very slow. It is also raining. I am about to get out my crossword puzzles.

[Comments] (4) : Several months ago, John put a book on hold at the library, "Confessions of a Tax Collector". Today they called me and said it was in, and since I was picking up some magazines for tomorrow night, I got the book too. Now I am reading it. It is slow and has a lot of bad language. I started it because the random page I opened to had an interesting story. Hopefully I gets better.

John, this book is due August 26th and we can't renew it.

Road Work: The upper ramp on our parking structure is being redone. Although the ramp was in dire need of this, I have some complaints. First of all, they are using jackhammers and other such machines to remove the cement (they started on Monday and are still doing this. And are supposed to be done tomorrow). This has: a) set off car alarms and b) woken me up at least three times. Second of all, they tore up the sidewalk in front of the lower ramp too. I think my car might actually fit through on the tiny amount of cement left, but I risk hitting the bulldozer, or the guys’ truck that is blocking the way if I try to get through. So I parked on the street. When I come home after 5 there are places to park on the street, but not when I come home at 7AM. So I parked in the BYU lot we were told we were allowed to park in for the week. And I got a ticket. Luckily, I finally got a hold of the manager who said she’d take care of it. I have had a number of BYU parking tickets so I hope they will take this one off my “record” or whatever. Also, I don’t understand why they need eight guys 14 hours a day to do this job. Also, parking on the street and in the BYU lot exposes my car to the sun and makes it very hot. We pay an extra $5 a month to have a lower parking spot so my car won’t be too hot. Mer.

I have an interview in half an hour and I'm going to park illegally in another BYU lot. Maybe management will take care of another ticket for me.

Fun Stuff: I forgot to mention all the impossibly cute scrapbooking stuff John bought from Jamie for an anniversary gift. (Jamie has a scrapbook store) He got me a pack of different green papers, one side is textured. Some little wooden tags, which I've already used on a Park City page with green papers. Some little greeting punch outs to put on cards, with striped paper and multi-colored brads to match. Also some plain tags and walnut ink to dye them with. And some stickers that are tags that says Home Sweet Home type things on them.

He says there is more stuff but it's for my birthday. I have such a sweet husband!

Fun Stuff: I forgot to mention all the impossibly cute scrapbooking stuff John bought from Jamie for an anniversary gift. (Jamie has a scrapbook store) He got me a pack of different green papers, one side is textured. Some little wooden tags, which I've already used on a Park City page with green papers. Some little greeting punch outs to put on cards, with striped paper and multi-colored brads to match. Also some plain tags and walnut ink to dye them with. And some stickers that are tags that says Home Sweet Home type things on them.

He says there is more stuff but it's for my birthday. I have such a sweet husband!

The good and the bad: When I was walking to my car, down the middle of the street to get around the cement truck parked outside our complex, I dropped my ID badge and a car ran over it. I need it to get in and out of every door at work, except of course the door I lock every night. I essentially would have had to lock myself into the lobby and jump over the desk, then begged someone to let me out the employee door. Fortunately, someone was there to rescue me.

Highlights of the day: Email from Leonard, Dinner with Susan and Grandma June, call from mommy, scrapbooking, paycheck and a good interview. I was also very busy at work and made it to the store to buy some real food. Look, lots of good things happened! Tomorrow is Friday! I can wear jeans to work!

: On my way home from work I decided I was going to cook dinner. I made another attempt at Scalloped Potatoes. I fried the potatoes in butter, then added a cheese sauce with bacon pieces stirred in, and some sour cream. It was actually really good. I think part of it was that I fried the potatoes the way Mom did the zucchini, so they got a little burnt.

: Just now while organizing our CDs I found a CD of John's called "Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse." (Mannheim Steamroller playing Disney songs, obviously). It was really good! I am having fun cleaning and organizing, althought it is Very Hot. I'm working tonight. I'm going to watch Return of the King and any special features that are on the DVD. In the meantime, I have some more cleaning to do, and some scrapbooking to finish. I can't wait to show some of it off to Mommy when she gets here!

[Comments] (2) Lucky Charms: Today while cleaning out our “junk” drawer (Like I said earlier, I organized a lot today), I found a coupon for an A&W rootbeer float that I had saved. I found an excuse to go to that part of town and got my float- yummy. Rootbeer floats remind me of my dad, but I don’t know why.

Today while cleaning out under the bathroom sink (Like I said earlier, I organized a lot today), I got out my charm bracelet and all the charms that need to be added on. Rachel and I have these gorgeous silver charm bracelets and the last time we were home, while going through Mom’s jewelry, we found all these charms she’d bought for us (It appears that no charms have been added to the bracelets since 1996). We got to pick which ones we wanted. These things are so cute! I have a little hat, magnifying glass and pipe one from England (from a visit to Baker Street), a covered wagon from Utah, a butterfly from Victoria’s butterfly garden, an oil derrick from Texas. Those are some of the ones I need to put on. My favorite ones on the bracelet are a little outhouse with a door that opens, a bat from Carlsbad and a totem pole. Judging by the charms I have with price tags still on them, I think this bracelet cost at least $300.

: I tried to take a nap like a good girl but when I realized I was lying in bed singing, I decided I might as well be productive. I got some more scrapbook pages ready to do. I need some pictures from Jodi's wedding; Maybe she'll give me some she doesn't like, since there are hundreds. By the way, I don't know if I mentioned that Franko had back surgery a couple weeks ago. He is slowly improving, and looking for a new job (he was working as a painter).

At the stamp party I went to two weeks ago, I bought a set of stamps to use to make cards, Happy Birthday, a candle, Merry Christmas, a bell, etc. They are so cute and I've been wanting to buy a set of stamps like this for a while now. Really, how many other stamps does a girl need? Now I need some different colors of ink. I am going to buy a couple "ink spots", those little tiny ink pads that are less than $1.50. I wouldn't use an ink pad enough to merit spending $5 on one just for one new color. I am excited to make some new cards.

[Comments] (4) : I've had a few projects to do at work today, but now it is dead. I was up late watching Return of the King. Also, my mommy called. Also, John is back from Florida, so I get to talk to him tonight. Five more days and he comes home!

The other night at work we watched Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, which I really liked, Along Came Polly which was ok, and the last 30 minutes of The Butterfly Effect which I didn't understand and am not sure I care to.

I really want some salad.

[Comments] (3) Opinions Please!: Is there an easier way to iron linen? I never had linen clothes before this Summer and I've finally had to start using the iron we got for our wedding, but it isn't quite effective enough.

Can I wash throw pillows in the washing machine?

If I want to freeze bread dough, at what point in the process should I do it?

[Comments] (4) : One of my new hobbies (for when I'm bored at work) is to browse Amazon for random things I would like. I will probably never own most of these things, but it makes me think about things I want to do or make or decorate with.

Someone needs to do this for Leonard; I looked today and he has 283 items on his wishlist!

Last Night: I went to the temple as soon as I could and still got there much later than I'd ever gone before. It was very crowded, probably because ward sessions start then, and I ran into Joe and Louise. Afterwards, I talked to Mom and Tom Jackman on the phone, bought a ton of groceries and called John. John got his offer from E&Y on Tuesday, so he's all official now. I am very proud of him, and exciting about him coming home in two days! Yay!

This morning I did some more cleaning and made bread dough which is now in the freezer. I will be sure to let everyone know how it turns out.

[Comments] (2) Are Ya Achin'? (yup yup yup): I bought some of that pre-cooked bacon that you keep in the cupboard and heat up in the microwave. John loves bacon but I hate cooking it. We had some at Jamie and David's and it tasted the same. It was on sale for the same price as regular bacon. So I bought some. And I've had that song in my head the whole day. (yup yup yup)

Casual Fridays: We are a lot more laid back around here on Fridays, I've noticed. Maybe it's the jeans. More likely, it's the fact that anyone who's anyone isn't in today. I find myself yelling at the admin. assistant and the marketing girls down the hall rather than calling them (and vice versa). Linda brought me a cup with different candies and some animal crackers. Then I had to do some research to find out what Boston Baked Beans were actually made of. On the website, you can watch a virtual tour of how they are made. I may yet live to see 5:00.

[Comments] (1) Times Have Changed: While I was at Target this afternoon, I heard a woman tell her kids TO hold onto the cart. Amazing!

[Comments] (1) Bacon Ranch Bread Bites: I made some awesome bread from the frozen dough. I read that yeast loses some effectiveness when frozen, so I put in extra, but it still didn't rise very well. But it was very yummy! I used my recipe for 90-minute rolls, rolled it out and cut it into little squares, added bacon, mozzerella and ranch dressing mix and baked it at 3:50 for about 15 minutes (our oven cooks very quickly). You can use any type of dough. Try it!

[Comments] (2) Dear Leonard: I have been bruising the "categories" section of your site. I'm of the opinion [the pig must pay/the polling section should make a comeback]. Is there somewhere I can look at old polls? Last week I read just about everything on your webpage, except the archives. And where did "Tonight's Espisode" go? Also, I found an entry where you spelled my name wrong. Or maybe it was one of the ones where you were talking about Sumana and I thought it was me. Anyway, thank you for hours of entertainment at work.

Your loving sister.

[Comments] (4) : John, where is my plant?

Someone in CS just got back from Europe and brought me a couple pieces of Swiss ciocolata. I feel bad eating chocolate in wrappers with such pretty pictures on it, but I am starving!

I am having yummy Southwestern Chicken Salad for dinner (without the chicken). I made the dressing with sour cream, salsa, and some cumin and chili powder. I bought cumin just for this purpose. I am always wanting to make things and I never have the spices for them. I also need to find some new way to organize the spices in my cupboard because they are taking over. Anyway, my dressing is yummy and my salad is good and I am excited to go home to it.

: I noticed on my "stats" page that there are three versions of the word "today" on my list. There is "Today", "today." and "today". I think if they were added up they might surpass "going", which is number one, and certainly "really" which is number two. Anyway, since I noticed how often I use that word, I try not to. I'll say "this morning" instead or just take it out. I am obsessive. I am bored.

Busy busy busy: I say that and then realize I was so busy yesterday because I was trying to sleep. I got about 3 1/2 hours before work and 3 after before John came home. Then we watched the Olympics for 1 1/2 hours and went to bed. Hard life, I know, especially since my night shift was particuarly easy.

After work I get another dinner out with Susan and Grandma June. Nathan and Ashley (and James and Hannah) are also stopping by after a BYU football thing. I've had lots of extra hours fit in places, which is great since I am taking next weekend off to be with my mommy. Yay, my mommy is coming to see us! I love my family!

Good Morning Everyone!: I like working in the mornings (Val and I traded again) because the sun shines through the front doors, because there is more work to do (especially on Fridays) because I get more hours, because I feel productive when I get home so early in the afternoon. Also, I can wear jeans to work on Fridays, which for some reason makes me extremely happy.

I also have a yummy lunch. I made a burrito from leftovers (refried beans, black beans, corn) with cheese (I only had mozzerella) and green peppers from the freezer. Green peppers freeze very well, which is good to know. I like making a lot of things that want me to use green peppers but I never plan ahead enough to buy them, and they aren't always on sale. I bought several on sale, ate most of them and now have some cut up in the freezer and have been eating them on very good burritos.

[Comments] (1) : Cover up, please! (Mom, you especially!)

: My theory is ruined! I got an email today from a very excited former roommate who got a job as a CNA in the newborn unit at LDS Hospital. I guess technically it's ok since I never really lived with Angela (see last paragraph).

: I had a great weekend, even though I had to work. It was cause John was home and I got to spend time with him!!! Work was awful, on Saturday at least, because I had a terrible headache and a very hard time staying awake. I ended up walking around the room, putting little braids in my hair. A very long night.

Other than that, I love having church at 8:30 AM. It is so nice to come home and have the entire day to do whatever we please (in my case, get a few hours of sleep finally). We also went on a nice walk, made some cookies and watched the Olympics.

Mommy is coming to visit us in three days. We are so excited to have her, also because we are all going to the temple together, to do some family temple work.

[Comments] (4) : Last night I ended up going into work for a few hours. Luckily, John and I had walked to the library and gotten some things for me to read. I am currently reading "A Series of Unfortunate Events". I'm on Book 1 because when I first checked them out, there was no Book 1, but I've also read 2 and 3. These books are quite obviously directed towards young kids- any difficult word is explained in the text, which gets annoying.

A movie is being made from the first three books, starring Jim Carrey. The movie looks much better than the books, sort of Harry Potter-ish. We saw the preview when John took me to see Spiderman 2 on Saturday (also a good movie).

Someone at work gave me some peaches. They are sitting on my desk and smell very yummy!

Husband of the Year: John has been so amazing this week. Twice when I got home from work he was making dinner (according to an incidental list I had made, no less). He also helped with the laundry while I was at Enrichment, and forgave me when I had forgotten to wash some stuff he needed (and then did it himself). I just want everyone to know that I have a wonderful husband, who is also a very good cook. Of course, school starts next week... =)

[Comments] (2) The Best News Ever: A children's book by Susanna Chadwick.

I finally have a job worth writing about (not that it's stopped me before). Yesterday I started a new job here at Nature's Way, it's a fulltime position in HR where I get to do a huge variety of things and keep very busy. It pays well, the benefits are great,and it will look terrific on my resume. I'm very excited.

: Mommy is here safe and sleeping on my couch. Eventually, she is planning on hanging out with Aunt Anne until I sneak away from work around 3. We had a good time at dinner with Susan and Jim (Jodi and Franko were there also). We had root beer floats!

I am really enjoying my new job and responsibilities. Right now I am at the front desk, so I can't do any of them, which is unfortunate, but I am looking forward to a busy afternoon.

Last night I had a dream that I visited Romania and one of my little boys (the shakey one) was much older and could speak (English, for that matter). He still acted the same, clingy and he couldn't move well.

: We had a great weekend with Mom visiting, and seeing baby Lily and various other family members. I especially enjoyed going to the temple with everyone. Mom, Anne, Jon, Sharon, David Oman, John and Louise all came, all of us doing family names, and afterwards we got to do a sealing.

I also had lots of fun listening to Mom and Richard Oman talk and making peach milkshakes with Pam. It was a fun, exhausting weekend, and although I'm excited about my new job, I feel very busy and overwhelmed and tired.

: I read in the AAA magazine that more people die each year from being hit by coconuts than attacked by sharks.

I have a ton of work to do and I am wasting time before clocking back in from lunch. Because I'm not sure what to do with an hour, if it's ok to leave early every day because I had a short lunch, or if I can work overtime. When I got back to my other desk, I was shocked to see an entire pallet of stuff for the store; Did I order that much? What am I supposed to do with it all? Ack!

I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

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