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[Comments] (4) : Several months ago, John put a book on hold at the library, "Confessions of a Tax Collector". Today they called me and said it was in, and since I was picking up some magazines for tomorrow night, I got the book too. Now I am reading it. It is slow and has a lot of bad language. I started it because the random page I opened to had an interesting story. Hopefully I gets better.

John, this book is due August 26th and we can't renew it.

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Posted by Sumana at Tue Aug 03 2004 11:02

Sorry to hear you aren't liking it! My name in this comment links to my original sorta-review.

Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 03 2004 11:35

Actually, John the book is due the 23rd. The book is getting better as it becomes more anecdotal and less about the IRS.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Aug 03 2004 12:36

It is interesting how different people want different things from books. I have to be careful about recommending things. My sister and I, for example, overlap in our book preferences maybe 60-75%, but probably you and I have more like a 30-50% overlap.

I also love anecdotes (I used to read the anecdotes in Reader's Digest every month as soon as it arrived). I hope John likes the IRS procedural stuff as much as I did.

Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 03 2004 14:22

Susan has been giving me Reader's Digests to read at work lately. I like the job humor the best I think.

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