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Road Work: The upper ramp on our parking structure is being redone. Although the ramp was in dire need of this, I have some complaints. First of all, they are using jackhammers and other such machines to remove the cement (they started on Monday and are still doing this. And are supposed to be done tomorrow). This has: a) set off car alarms and b) woken me up at least three times. Second of all, they tore up the sidewalk in front of the lower ramp too. I think my car might actually fit through on the tiny amount of cement left, but I risk hitting the bulldozer, or the guys’ truck that is blocking the way if I try to get through. So I parked on the street. When I come home after 5 there are places to park on the street, but not when I come home at 7AM. So I parked in the BYU lot we were told we were allowed to park in for the week. And I got a ticket. Luckily, I finally got a hold of the manager who said she’d take care of it. I have had a number of BYU parking tickets so I hope they will take this one off my “record” or whatever. Also, I don’t understand why they need eight guys 14 hours a day to do this job. Also, parking on the street and in the BYU lot exposes my car to the sun and makes it very hot. We pay an extra $5 a month to have a lower parking spot so my car won’t be too hot. Mer.

I have an interview in half an hour and I'm going to park illegally in another BYU lot. Maybe management will take care of another ticket for me.

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