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[Comments] (2) Lucky Charms: Today while cleaning out our “junk” drawer (Like I said earlier, I organized a lot today), I found a coupon for an A&W rootbeer float that I had saved. I found an excuse to go to that part of town and got my float- yummy. Rootbeer floats remind me of my dad, but I don’t know why.

Today while cleaning out under the bathroom sink (Like I said earlier, I organized a lot today), I got out my charm bracelet and all the charms that need to be added on. Rachel and I have these gorgeous silver charm bracelets and the last time we were home, while going through Mom’s jewelry, we found all these charms she’d bought for us (It appears that no charms have been added to the bracelets since 1996). We got to pick which ones we wanted. These things are so cute! I have a little hat, magnifying glass and pipe one from England (from a visit to Baker Street), a covered wagon from Utah, a butterfly from Victoria’s butterfly garden, an oil derrick from Texas. Those are some of the ones I need to put on. My favorite ones on the bracelet are a little outhouse with a door that opens, a bat from Carlsbad and a totem pole. Judging by the charms I have with price tags still on them, I think this bracelet cost at least $300.

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Posted by Leonard at Mon Aug 09 2004 11:10

Rootbeer floats remind you of Dad because he used to make them for us.

I had a root beer float recently. I had some ice cream I made that was way too soft and gooey so I figured a root beer float was a good way to get rid of it where i wouldn't have to feel the weird texture. The ice cream melted into the root beer and made it taste like vanilla. It was good.

Posted by Mark at Mon Aug 09 2004 12:21

Friday was national rootbeer float day, or at least that's what I was told when one of the nicer DJs brought them in for everyone on Friday. It was fun to hear over the intercom, "In celebration of national rootbeer float day, there are free rootbeer floats in the break room."

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