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: I tried to take a nap like a good girl but when I realized I was lying in bed singing, I decided I might as well be productive. I got some more scrapbook pages ready to do. I need some pictures from Jodi's wedding; Maybe she'll give me some she doesn't like, since there are hundreds. By the way, I don't know if I mentioned that Franko had back surgery a couple weeks ago. He is slowly improving, and looking for a new job (he was working as a painter).

At the stamp party I went to two weeks ago, I bought a set of stamps to use to make cards, Happy Birthday, a candle, Merry Christmas, a bell, etc. They are so cute and I've been wanting to buy a set of stamps like this for a while now. Really, how many other stamps does a girl need? Now I need some different colors of ink. I am going to buy a couple "ink spots", those little tiny ink pads that are less than $1.50. I wouldn't use an ink pad enough to merit spending $5 on one just for one new color. I am excited to make some new cards.

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