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[Comments] (4) : I've had a few projects to do at work today, but now it is dead. I was up late watching Return of the King. Also, my mommy called. Also, John is back from Florida, so I get to talk to him tonight. Five more days and he comes home!

The other night at work we watched Win a Date With Tad Hamilton, which I really liked, Along Came Polly which was ok, and the last 30 minutes of The Butterfly Effect which I didn't understand and am not sure I care to.

I really want some salad.


Posted by Kristen at Mon Aug 09 2004 16:52

I am glad John is finally coming home. I know when I was just on vacation I missed Aaron terribly. I can't imagine 10 weeks.

Posted by John at Tue Aug 10 2004 08:29

Just wait, Kristen, when he is gone on dental school interviews all year long (and you're stuck at home with the baby). You learn to sacrifice for your future, and create stories for the posterity.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Aug 10 2004 12:35

looking forward to it (thick sarcasim) Hopefully I will be able to go with him on one or two. Doubtful though.

Posted by John at Tue Aug 10 2004 15:48

You can go if you want. From what my boss said, it's an out of pocket cost anyway--most universities don't reimburse for interview travel expenses.

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