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[Comments] (2) Dear Leonard: I have been bruising the "categories" section of your site. I'm of the opinion [the pig must pay/the polling section should make a comeback]. Is there somewhere I can look at old polls? Last week I read just about everything on your webpage, except the archives. And where did "Tonight's Espisode" go? Also, I found an entry where you spelled my name wrong. Or maybe it was one of the ones where you were talking about Sumana and I thought it was me. Anyway, thank you for hours of entertainment at work.

Your loving sister.


Posted by frances at Mon Aug 16 2004 20:14

awwww give the poor pig a break.

Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 17 2004 07:57

I'm rather fond of the pig right now, having had La Vie Boheme in my head for several days. I think I have a Snark copy somewhere. You're right, I did just sort our CDs, I should know.

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