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[Comments] (4) : John, where is my plant?

Someone in CS just got back from Europe and brought me a couple pieces of Swiss ciocolata. I feel bad eating chocolate in wrappers with such pretty pictures on it, but I am starving!

I am having yummy Southwestern Chicken Salad for dinner (without the chicken). I made the dressing with sour cream, salsa, and some cumin and chili powder. I bought cumin just for this purpose. I am always wanting to make things and I never have the spices for them. I also need to find some new way to organize the spices in my cupboard because they are taking over. Anyway, my dressing is yummy and my salad is good and I am excited to go home to it.

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Posted by John at Tue Aug 17 2004 19:20

Sorry....John forgot it. Don't tell Justin!

Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 18 2004 11:38

That's too bad, I could have used a spidey plant.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Aug 18 2004 16:13

Someday you'll have spices for everything. I keep mine in a rubbermaid-type container (actually made for shoes) in my kitchen cupboard. Kind-of makeshift, I know. I never unpacked them after our move to KS.

Posted by Susie at Thu Aug 19 2004 11:56

I don't even think a box like that would fit in my cupboard.

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