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[No comments] Ah, Clean: I just took a shower to wash off all the dirt, smoke, sweat, blood and horse snot from this weekend. Maybe I should back up.

We spend Sunday evening and today at the cabin at Tibble Fork. We played games and read all evening. We also made smores in the fireplace. Roasted marshmallows turn out so much better when you aren't cold and you have the patience to do them right. Susan slept and Jim played video games downstairs, and Jodi, Franko, John and I slept in the loft upstairs. There are two double beds, two twin beds, a crib and a water heater up there.

We had french toast for breakfast and us kids went on a nice long hike up the mountain and halfway around the lake. We would have gone all the way around but I was very thirsty at that point and we still had a 1/2 mile hike up the road to the cabin. We met a few pairs on horseback on the trail. One group had a middle horse with no rider. This was our conversation:

Horse: *very interested stare at Susie's fattened up bones*
Susie: Don't eat me!
Lady on the next horse: Don't eat me?

She stopped to let me pet her horse, which looked much less hungry, although his name was Buck so I don't think I would want to ride him. We all chatted and patted Buck's head, and then he decided to sneeze all over me and Franko. Yuck.

Back at the cabin, Nathan and Ashley had arrived with their kids and Grandma June (whose cabin it is). We had foil dinners and veggies with different dips and salad for lunch, then we all sat around the fire eating the rest of the marshmallows and talking. My nose was running practically the entire time we were up there, and it decided to give me the second nosebleed of my entire life. Luckily James is completely clueless, because he was laying on my lap and got a nice spot on the seat of his pants.

John and I dropped Grandma off since it's the least out of the way for us and we finally made it home. I feel like the dad in Big Fish: very dried out. I may be a little sunburned on my face from out hike. We had lots of fun though, it was such lovely weather, and it was my first ever paid holiday!

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