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Busy Susie B.: It's 4:00 and I've finished everything I wanted to do in the past four hours (my free four hours off work!). At work I had to clean the whole office, because the Board of Directors is coming next week. Then I ran some errands to Target, the mall and the library; made two more batches of peach cobbler filling (recipe later) to add to the four I made last night; did two loads of laundy; wrapped Ember's present (two Dr. Seuss board books and some Skittles); and reconciled my credit card. I guess I do still need to pack for the weekend.

John, by the way, is adorable. He looked in my closet to get my pantsize to surprise me with a nice pair of khakis for my birthday. I had one pair of size 6 and a pair of size 9, which he assumed was a 6 since the other one was, and why would I have pants of two different sizes. I guess guys buy pants between 32-34 or whatever, so it's weird for me to have pants between 6-11. I also exchanged this cute pair of jeans Leonard, Sumana and Rachel picked out for me, for a smaller size that is not as tight! Weird. Now I have two new pairs of pants, and it's not even my birthday yet! Thanks everyone!

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