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So Spoiled: I've had the best birthday ever. First of all, we had a great time in Park City, doing pretty much nothing. Linda, a coworker, laughed when I said we just sat around and read, but that's so much fun! Plus, I had such great books to read.

As John said, I am spoiled completely rotten. I got so many new clothes, books and other fun stuff. John bought me a new purse and black skirt, and a cream sweater, besides the khakis. I also got two gray sweaters (one for weekends (from Leonard and Sumana) and one for work(from Brook and Erin)), new jeans (so cute!), HP 5 (from Rachel) which I am rereading, lots of scrapbooking stuff (both from John and Nathan and Ashley), and a super-extra-cool book of crochet blocks (for afghans etc) from my Mommy. I spent half the weekend just reading the book. Oh, and a cool DVD (from Leonard and Sumana) we haven't watched yet (we barely watched Emperor's New Groove, which John got for his birthday three months ago). Also, Susan gave me the family pictures we ordered (ones we took at Jodi's wedding in June) and I have just scanned them, so if you don't see them on my page soon, bug Leonard.

Like I said, spoiled rotten rotten rotten, but you know you had fun doing it!

Let me plug once more for Taste of Saigon, the yummy Vietnamese restaurant in Park City. It's so quiet, so fast, so yummy, and so cheap (relatively). We had the curry and the potstickers again- yum! We have had a hard time with both Mexican restaurants we've been to there, but this place has exceeded expectations both times.


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