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[Comments] (2) : I am feeling a little better, which is lucky because I've had to work all day today (and tomorrow and Monday). My groups went so well today, I am very pleased. I was only able to take four girls off campus, but they still let me go! Then the boys were so good for me (mostly) playing Ping Pong Basketball. I'm glad we're off to a good start because I have four more days of covering for Laura in the next week or so.

It's been a mess at work because our driver quit, Emily is sick, Laura's gone and someone needs to go skiing tomorrow. Mess mess mess. Why can't that all happen on different days so I can get more hours?? Next week I get to take Laura's boys to learn karate.

Hi-ya, sissy?

Update: My entry sounded weird rereading it- somebody actually has to go skiing tomorrow, I wasn't being sarcastic. Marissa finally agreed to go.


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