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[Comments] (2) Busy Day and Good News: I rushed home from a full day of work, whipped up some more scrumptious Coconut Curry, and John and I headed up to Jon and Sharon's to meet Alyssa's fiance. We decided to turn around when we were 20 minutes late and hadn't made it farther than Pleasant Grove, due to the awful traffic. To cheer ourselves up we a) made plans to go up and spend Sunday with our family and b) received a phone call from Ernst & Young in Orange County offering John a fly-out. Yay!

John also got offered a fly-out from PWC in LA, who also offered to take us skiing, but we have too many other things to do (sad). We don't expect to hear from KPMG until next week. Of course, we didn't expect to hear from E&Y yet either. They called John before their USC interviews; a good sign, we think.



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