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[Comments] (5) More Yummy Recipes from Susie's Kitchen: Tonight, on the spur of the moment and realizing that I had carrots, I cooked some carrots. John wanted me to "cook them in a buttery sauce!" but I didn't know how to make said "buttery sauce". Actually, I didn't know how to cook carrots at all. At this point I remembered that I own an actual cookbook. Leonard bought it for me at the used bookstore. So I used it to make "Brown-Sugar-Glazed Carrots".

Cook carrots in water. Drain. Mix butter and brown sugar in pot. Add carrots. Yum.

John only likes cooked vegetables so I am learning.

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Posted by Alyson at Tue Jan 06 2004 07:57

Keep writing about your dinners. I love to read about them!

Posted by Frances at Tue Jan 06 2004 13:28

Poor Susie! Roger wouldn't eat cooked vegetables, so we never had them when you were growing up. You DO remember how to make cauliflower with cheese sauce though don't you?

Posted by Susie at Tue Jan 06 2004 20:27

Yum! John would love if I made aspargus and holandaise sauce, but aspargus is so expensive.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Jan 07 2004 09:20

Just wait till spring! Then you'll have plenty of (less expensive) nice asparagus to choose from. Dave says that asparagus grows in the gutters on the side of the road here in Kansas (he served his mission here in Kansas/Missouri). I've yet to see it, but he swears it is true. To be honest, I'm not sure that asparagus that grows in the gutter sounds all that appealing.

Posted by Frances at Wed Jan 07 2004 10:56

Just because you bought it in a grocery store doesn't mean it didn't grow in a gutter.

I have asparagus growing in my yard. I hope to pick a few spears in the spring.

It grows wild all over Utah, but most patches are "owned " by someone who knows it's there. Mimi Nelson got on her neighbor's bad list once for picking some wild asparagus, not knowing the other woman had a traditional "claim" to it.


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