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[Comments] (4) : Does anyone else ever feel like someone is watching your every move? I used to worry about this occasionally, then I got a job where I had a camera on me the entire time. I feel more secure now that I am in the back, with no camera, and also that in all the time I've spent filing in Darrell's office, I've never seen the reception desk on his security screen. No one was watching me after all.

I bought John some medicines from the Company Store. He has been joking about "homeopathic herbs" but that's exactly what he got. The only Nature's Way product I got him was Zinc lozenges with echinacea and vitamin C. Most of the rest were made by a homeopathic company Nature's Way has bought out. The B&T products, I have learned, do not expire.


Posted by Frances at Tue Oct 05 2004 21:00

Hmmmm. I just threw away about 15 echinacea pills this evening because I thought surely they must be expired. I wonder if I wasted them. I wonder if I should have made Rachel take them.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Oct 06 2004 09:00

They should expire! What if like attracts like and they stop being homeopathic?

Posted by Susie at Wed Oct 06 2004 18:17

Our herbs (the Nature's Way ones) are good for one year past the due date. Generally, some potency is lost, but they never "go bad". They can still be effective for years and years later.

B&T makes sunburn, arthiritis gels etc, I would have thought those'd expire.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Oct 08 2004 17:50

yes, make me do everything :P

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