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[Comments] (1) : When I got out my sewing box, I thought of all the things I am missing. My pin cushion (I actually tried to pin something and I only have a few). And both of my seam rippers (a must-have for Susie sewing). Luckily I found one in my drawer. I wonder where my pin cushion got to. And my other seam ripper, the pink one I really like. John bought me donuts tonight. I have eaten much too much chocolate today.

Update:I have remembered that I also used to have two seamstress measuring tapes. Once again, the pink one is missing.


Posted by Sumana at Wed Oct 13 2004 08:14

Oh man, you have reminded me of the first time I tried to hem something (a pair of shorts). I believe my sister and mother broke into laughter at the result - the cloth got folded over once on one side and twice on the other. Wince.


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