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[Comments] (3) : Yesterday one of my coworkers quit. She will not be replaced right away, so we spent the morning dividing up her duties. Linda got most of it, which means I will be getting a lot of Linda's stuff (like ordering hundreds of turkeys to give out at Thanksgiving). I was given lots of compliments on how quickly and well I get stuff done. My boss (Kathy) is so busy she hasn't had time to give me anything to do quickly and well, but someday she'll show me how she likes things done and she can learn for herself what a good job I do.

: Today I brought home some more medicines from the company store for John. Poor baby is still sick. I bought some nightime cough syrup and some other menthol syrup that's supposed to be good. I have had a lot of people ask me to order one new product, macadamia nut oil, so I am going to start stocking it. In fact, I think I am going to bring some home to try. The other oils we sell must be drunk (at least those that don't come in softgels) but this one can be used to cook with, and it sounds delicious! I mean, who would want to cook with Flax oil? I am excited to try it. $8.99 at the company store, and that's with my employee discount of 25% of wholesale. Yikes.

Since I have such an aversion to taking pills (multivitamins are one thing, but why would I want to take five different kinds of herbs?), I'm glad I've found a way to use my credit with things we may actually use. And I get $200 more next year!


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