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[Comments] (3) : Yesterday one of my coworkers quit. She will not be replaced right away, so we spent the morning dividing up her duties. Linda got most of it, which means I will be getting a lot of Linda's stuff (like ordering hundreds of turkeys to give out at Thanksgiving). I was given lots of compliments on how quickly and well I get stuff done. My boss (Kathy) is so busy she hasn't had time to give me anything to do quickly and well, but someday she'll show me how she likes things done and she can learn for herself what a good job I do.


Posted by Frances at Thu Oct 14 2004 16:00

Don't order turkeys. Order gift certificates from the grocery store that are good for a turkey or anything else. That way everyone can use them.

Posted by Susie at Thu Oct 14 2004 16:35

For some reason we do turkeys. I'm not in charge of decisions like that.

Posted by Susie at Fri Oct 15 2004 08:47

I asked Linda and she says it's because it's tradition and because handing someone a turkey (having the maintenance manager throw them one from the truck) is much more fun than handing them a gift certificate. Also, I asked families that work here. Both her daughter and son-in-law work here, so they get three for three people. She said her son-in-law gives his to his mom and they cook one for Thanksgiving and the third for Christmas.

Employees who work out-of-state get a gift certificate for Butterball.

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