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[Comments] (1) : We had a fun but exhausting day with the kids. Ember and Logan (the redheads) visited us. Brook and Erin dropped them off on their way to a weddding reception. We went to Wendy's, the Corn Maze and various barnyard activities, and Krispy Kreme. Then we watched The Emperor's New Groove, although Ember and I didn't make it all the way through.

Today we watched Spirited Away and went for a nice long walk (which the kids were oddly excited about. We walked around campus and fed the ducks at the botany pond. We went to Eatza Pizza for lunch and played a few games in the arcade. We dropped the kids off back home and hung out with Brook and Erin for a while. Ember showed me how she can draw the whole alphabet (she just started preschool).

Then we went to Mom & Dad's. We went out to eat with Jodi and Franko. Talked about politics. John and I went to the mall so that I could get a new phone (this one works, call me!). We are finally home. John hasn't done any studying, so it will be a busy week for him. That's ok, because then I'll get lots done.

Incidentally, it is pouring again. It didn't rain from about late Thursday night until 2 or so this afternoon. Just enough time for us to stay dry (but not un-muddy) at the corn maze. Other than that, it has rained solid the entire week. Brighton is possibly opening next weekend. For once I am excited for Winter- perhaps because it will be my last in Utah.


Posted by Rachel at Sun Oct 24 2004 22:19


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