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[Comments] (6) : Tonight I made Aunt Jeuney's famous beef stroganoff- yummy! We haven't had it in forever, as John so gently reminded me. I went through the calendars of things I have cooked, which I've kept since we got married, and made a big alphabetical list of everything I've ever made (and would make again). Before I went to the store just now, I had John just look at the list and pick out some things that looked good. Now I can finally get his imput in a non-annoying way.

Still raining. Today a sales lady came to see me at work. I want to buy some pedometers from her company. She brought me some samples, and also some candy! I read that "the average person" walks only 3000-5000 steps per day. I (apparently) walked 1600 just on a trip to the grocery store! 10,000 steps a day (about 5 miles) is the minimum for health benefits. Too bad the pedometer is so cheap, I'll never know how many I really do.

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Posted by Frances at Mon Oct 25 2004 20:19

Evaun says that in OC many of the big companies have HR people in charge of recreation and you should be able to get a job very easily there with recreation therapy degree and HR experience.

Evaun would know.

Posted by John at Mon Oct 25 2004 20:55

You forgot to write about your pants ripping in half at work today. hehehe.

Posted by Alyson at Tue Oct 26 2004 17:43

Poor Susie!!

Posted by Susie at Tue Oct 26 2004 19:31

Oh, no it was hilarious! 10 AM, I sat on my heels while merchandising the store. I tied my sweater around my waist and went like that the whole day; no one knew. By the time I got home, the split was 8 inches!

Posted by Rachel at Tue Oct 26 2004 19:51

butbut--you pants! (or are they fixable?)

Posted by John at Tue Oct 26 2004 20:31

The pants were your dad's. I think it is time to retire them while Susie plays a dirge of some sort.

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