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[Comments] (7) [Trackback URL for this entry] : We are getting a table. Mom is buying a new dining room table and giving her current one to Nathan and Ashley, so we get their kitchen table. We will have to do a little rearranging, but it will be nice for when people come over.

We also bought a Christmas tree. I had just asked if we could have one, then we were at Target and saw a small (fake) one for only $9.99! I was sold when I saw how tiny the box was. We got it, and a small think of gold and silver (not tacky) ornaments, and a lovely mesh star to be our special ornament this year. Don't worry, we aren't going to put it up until after Thanksgiving.

My eclair crust for tomorrow is baking. My last eclair cake was a disaster. I tried to use the non-instant pudding, so the filling was all runny and my crust was funny, all thin and burnt. I know I have the right kind of pudding this time, and my crust looks terrific! I even remembered to pop the bubbles.


Posted by Sumana at Sun Nov 07 2004 13:16

I should post the story of my first, tiny Christmas tree.

Posted by Susie at Sun Nov 07 2004 19:31

Yes, please do! Maybe Leonard can tell about the one we decorated with nasty flavored candy canes and a Snickers bag. Oh wait, that was a house plant, not a tree. Well, I think I just told the whole story.

Posted by Frances at Mon Nov 08 2004 09:17

the Unchristmas! Where we were going to sit on the floor in an empty house and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken! (Except KFC was closed so we had to have Taco Bell.)

Posted by Alyson at Mon Nov 08 2004 11:04

We bought our first Christmas tree last year 50% off. It was one of our greatest purchases ever. I like having a tree.

Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 08 2004 11:41

It wasn't taco bell, it was Jack-in-the-Box- Bleh!

Posted by Sumana at Mon Nov 08 2004 13:54

Wow, I still have a nasty flavored candy cane at my desk at work in case I ever suddenly NEED sugar to keep myself from fainting. This must be left over from 11 months ago!

Posted by Susie at Mon Nov 08 2004 15:09

Today I had some really nasty candies we bought for the Benefit's Fair. The first two were incredibly hard and tasteless. The third was gooshy and tasted like toothpaste. I had to spit it out.

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