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[Comments] (2) : My sweet husband bought us tickets to go see Mannheim Steamroller in December. I'm so excited, and spoiled! He also did the dishes, even though I didn't really make dinner, and he planned a great FHE.

I voted for the first real time this morning. (My absentee ballot was extremely late for the last presidential election, and the last time I voted for governor, all candidates were so lame I didn't pick one.) There was hardly anyone there when I went before work, and I got a sticker! You have a right to vote, people; Use it!


Posted by John at Tue Nov 02 2004 12:42

There has been a voting line here at work the entire 3 hours I've been here. I hope I don't face that at the elementary school later.

Posted by Alyson at Tue Nov 02 2004 18:39

I showed up at my precinct at 7:20, and I didn't get out of there unill 8:15. I thought I'd be free from waiting. Not.


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