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: I have thought of some more things I want:

Body cream (the thick stuff. My skin is so dry, bleh.) I think I'd like vanilla-brown sugary or... I had to go look. Right now I have "Mango Mandarin", something orange like that.

Ink Spots. These are tiny little ink pads, only $1.50 or so. Let me clarify what colors of ink I already have: Black. Red. I have had this red ink pad for approximately 12 years. Still works!

John and I would also like Hildalgo on DVD. There are probably more DVDs we want, but I can't think of any. See Amazon wishlist for CDs I would listen to if you bought for me.

Last night I wrapped presents! for family peeps. Most of it is stuff I bought for stockings but turned out to be too large. I still have quite a pile of stocking stuff. More shopping will occur later today. We are going to Salt Lake, to the Gateway (this fancy new shopping center) and to "The Soup Kitchen", an incredibly yummy, hidden, cheap restaurant I ate at with Susan one time. I had the tomato soup- this is where my obsession with homemade tomato soup began. It will culminate (probably) when I get around to trying Alyson's yumilicous Tomato Fennel Soup Recipe.

Last night, also, John and I spent some time making cards. I complained about not being able to get out and leave out all my scrapbooking junk (hence the excitement about getting a table) and John suggested I just use the desk in our bedroom. There still wasn't quite enough room on the desk. It is very oddly shaped (took us ages to get it out of the Chadwicks' basement) and we keep books on it. Anyway, we had lots of fun. John is so creative at making cards. He made a very very cute one for Jodi's bridal shower earlier this year. It had a bathtub full of presents with a shower curtain on brads. So cute. I mostly copy other cards to make mine; all of my original ideas turn out funny-looking.

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