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[Comments] (7) Youngest Child Seeks Same: While at Leonardr's apartment, Mom was examining his old cherry dresser for her brother Robert's name which he had apparently carved into it some time ago. Not only did we find it, we also found a scratch that read "Rachel" which no one remembers her (or a conniving sibling) putting there.

The title is also in reference to our fun evening reading the diverse personals in a San Franciscan newspaper.

We are home safe (barely) after two snow storms and 25 miles of inching along in Southern Utah. Yes, we could have walked faster but we would have frozen to death doing so. We are very lucky that our car was not one of about 20 we saw off the road. As it was, it took us 14 hours to get home.

John is sickie and I am exhausted. It is very hard to drive 5 mph with a manual transmission!!! Tonight we will have fun putting our Christmas tree up, buying food, and being home.

: I forgot to mention that while we were at Mom's house she spoiled John like a grandchild. She made him his requested dinner (tacos with guacamole) and bought us some snacks for our trip: baby carrots with little ranch tubs, yogurts, cheese and crackers. Thanks, Mom. That was all we ate yesterday.

We also got to have a nice long visit with Grandma. Garry was also there for a while. Yay for Grandmas!


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