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[Comments] (5) : Today my boss gave me, of all things, a PalmPilot.

I am going to a Bunco party tonight with people I work with. I'm excited, it should be fun. We also got our tickets for Mannheim Steamroller. And John got another 100% on a test. He is just too smart!

Tomorrow's Friday!


Posted by Alyson at Thu Nov 04 2004 17:49

I love playing Bunko. It is so fun, especially with a large group.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Nov 05 2004 11:34

What's bunco? And what are you going to do with a palm pilot? Those things always bewildered me. I'd rather just write something down.

Posted by Joe at Fri Nov 05 2004 14:02

Do you think mabey your boss is trying to tell you something???

I have stopped using the calender part of my palm pilot. It is just too dificult to keep current. I spend 30 min a day to save 10. I just remember things and have schedules, but boy would I be in a big mess if my memory went out!!

Posted by Rachel at Fri Nov 05 2004 18:36

Posted by Susie at Fri Nov 05 2004 21:26

I really use Outlook a lot on my computer at work, and I can synchronize, but I don't really need to remember stuff. My boss says she uses hers, but whenever she calls she asks me to look at her calendar. Maybe that is because her phone is on her palm and she is talking to me on it. She's not trying to tell me something- it came from the girl who just quit.

Bunko is a dice game where you try to roll as many 1, 2,3 etc of whatever number you're on. You take turns and if you roll three of the number you're on, you yell "bunko!" and the round is over. It's not as confusing as I just made it sound. I played with 11 ladies, from work, or their relatives. It was fun. I won a small yellow bowl with leaves on it.


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