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[Comments] (3) : We had a nice dinner and game and chat with Kristen and Aaron (and Julie and Joe and Louise). Kristen and Aaron made yummy curry with peppers and coriander. I made the eclair cake, which I'll probably finish for breakfast. Lily is looking so lovely, like a little doll, and let me hold her for quite some time before she got too tired.

I am trying to finish crocheting a baby hat for Julie (my old roommate). I have done almost a row while reading weblogs. I also painted my toenails red for the approaching holiday season, not that anyone will see them. It's still nice to have cute toes.

For some reason, our house looks especially clean to me now. Everything is picked up, and I love when John rearranges things on our bookshelf to make it look nice. Also, the plant clippings Mom gave me are finally flourishing. Except for that branchy thing you gave me from your windowsill- it doesn't look so good. Should I be doing something special?


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