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: Last night, I attempted to make a tree skirt for our Charlie Brown tree, as well as stockings for John and myself. Ours are in Mom's scary shed and we didn't remember to get them until it was dark. There is no light in the shed and I don't think I'd want to go there at night anyway.

I followed Mom's tree skirt pattern: Fold fabric in half. Cut giant semi-circle. Hem. Trace around dinner plate in center. Cut out. Hem. Unfortunately, this will only work on fake trees. I think real tree skirts (including ones previously made with this "pattern") have slits down the side. But I had already hemmed it (twice) so we took the bottom off our tree to put the skirt on. I am going to glue some trim to the edge once I borrow a glue gun. All in all, it didn't turn out too badly. John helped me pick out red fabric with embroidered snowflakes and a white and gold twisted trim.

I also followed Mom's pattern for stockings: Draw a stocking on newspaper. Cut out. Repeat until husband is convinced this pattern will make a decent stocking. Fold fabric in half and cut out two identical pieces. Turn wrong-side-out and sew (but not the top!) This is all I've done so far. We used red and white fleece. I am going to put a contrasting cuff on each and I'm thinking about doing a slip stitch around the edge in contrasting yarn, at least for the red, and embroidering our names on the cuff. I don't know how to embroider. Oh well. The fleece was on sale.


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