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: Sooo busy! My coworkers are slowing leaving for vacation, surgeries etc. I am feeling a little overwhelmed. On the other hand, it will nice to be busy since I'm not taking any vacation until after Christmas. Quickbooks was installed on the Company Store computer today. I have three weeks to learn how to use it, and IS has three weeks to transfer all the info from the current (lame) program we use. I am going to have to start taking inventory. It is going to be a big job to get it all set up, but hopefully this program will help things run more smoothly, and be easier in the long run.

John made me dinner again tonight. He's so great! We bought another bookshelf today at Target, with some of the gift certificates Kathy gave me. Definitely a nicer Christmas bonus than the See's Candy last year. Mmm... Candy...


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