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[Comments] (5) : It is v. cold (as Rachel would say). Today driving to work the bank told me it was 15°. Brr!

Is there anyway to make a little "degree" sign on the computer without doing anything complicated?

John made dinner again tonight. And did the dishes. And did laundry. He says he cheated by taking it to his parents, but I say it's the same number of stairs.

We have to take a White Elephant gift to a work party on Saturday. John suggested bringing Cold Sassy Tree, which is the worst movie I've ever seen. Well, maybe Cat in the Hat is still worse. Of course, bringing our plaqued wedding announcement is another option, but perhaps a bit over the top?


Posted by Frances at Thu Dec 02 2004 18:24

Oh darn, you left the crystal heart picture frame here.

Posted by Leonard at Fri Dec 03 2004 09:13

If you type an ampersand '&' and then 'deg' and then a semicolon ';' then it will show up as a degree sign: °

Posted by John at Fri Dec 03 2004 09:45

I actually thought of that crystal heart picture first thing.

Posted by Susie at Fri Dec 03 2004 13:44

See, I told my coworkers I would end up giving away things they would actually want! I think they would all like that frame. John, we actually need to bring two items, one for each.

Posted by Frances at Fri Dec 03 2004 20:06

Well, if it doesn't sell at the next garage sale, you have to take it away.


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