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: We had a very long and fun weekend. I came home from work to a wonderful surprise- my very own ten-year old! Jodi got into an accident and Logan got sent home with John rather than with Grandma and Grandpa to rescue her. Unfortunately for him, and the rest of us, there was a mess on the freeway, and it took us 1 1/2 hours to get to my in-laws'.

Friday we went to see Series of Unfortunate Events, which I enjoyed very much. It was better than the books, but that's only because the first 5 books aren't very good. We have finally read Book 11, by the way, and it's excellent. The whole family came, from Grandpa to Tyler, although Grandpa did not enjoy the movie.

Friday night was the big Holbrook Christmas Eve Party in Lehi. It was great until I got picked to be Santa Lucia (itchy crown!). Franco and I are apparently the only people who haven't done it (Well, Ember, but she refused), and boys are only used as a last resort.

Christmas Day we got up around 7 AM (how fun to have kids around!) and opened our stockings, gifts from Santa, and from each other(interfamily). We had eggnog waffles for breakfast and Brook and Erin came over around 10 for gift exchanged between families and from Mom and Dad. I have been much spoiled, although not so much as the boys. I have some desperately-needed new work clothes. I bought John the "Peanuts Classic Holiday Collection" on DVD (I know that's what it's called because I called 7 stores looking for it and paid more than I wanted to). I had to mention that because I am very proud of getting him such a perfect gift and even surprising him with it. He also got some new ties.

Today we played games with the kids all day (although I also got some Boggle in with Jamie and Erin). I am working tomorrow and Thursday, and spending tomorrow night getting ready for Mom and Leonard to visit. We haven't bought groceries in two weeks, but our house is pretty clean.

A Disneyland Christmas (or perhaps Thanksgiving) has been discussed for next year, since we will be living down there. We'll see!


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