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: My mommy made it here all safe and we are excited for a fun-family-filled weekend. John did great on his test today. I am writing that because he never updates. He says I write everything important anyway. Well here's something important: John sent me tulips!!! Just like he did over a year ago and Mom said he was moving too fast. Well we're married now and we like it!

Glad my mommy is here safe and that Len is in Kentucky safe. Excited for a day off work to spend with the fam.

[Comments] (1) Memories: The other day I was telling John about the "Richardson Family Funnies" and saying that we should be sure to write down all the silly things our kids say. The only ones I could remember were:

Leonard: Over the river and through the woods, watch out my apple juice.

Dad: Who is answering the phone? Susie: It's Susanna! It keeps on being her!

Can anyone (Len and Rach) remember anymore?

[Comments] (3) More Memories: Remember "Spending Time"? We used to have half an hour with our dad every Sunday (or something, I was little, what do I know?) to do things like play Uno and get our nails painted "half and half". He also used to read us books at night. I remember one about a girl in Idaho and cornfields and sitting on the roof....


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