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[Comments] (1) : I read the Magician's Nephew last night, Book 1 of the Chronicles of Narnia. See? I know how to read!

A Good Day of Honest Work: I did a lot of work at work today. I mean work, not my usual running groups and charting and such. I had at least 3 hours of "free" time which I spent typing up ISU modules on different weekly topics, and my Leave No Trace memo for next week. I am proud of my modules project and it makes me sad to think that I might not get to do ISU for too much longer. Oh well, I will pass it on for posterity's use. It has really helped me be organized to have weekly topics, and planning ahead has helped me with my goal to do fewer games and more involved groups.

I am making Hamburger Helper strogannoff and John is sad because mine tastes better. Oh well, once this box is gone from my cupboard... The cheesecake is also almost gone from our fridge.

It is lovely weather and we are considering going for our third walk of the week (one of which was cold). Yay for Spring! It opens up a whole new world of outdoor challenge groups.


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