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[Comments] (2) : For FHE tonight John and I walked to Glazies and had some yummy donuts. I made an attempt at Scalloped Potatoes for dinner. I kinda followed a recipe, other than the baking for 1 hour part; I just simmered it until the potatoes were edible. I keep making things with sausage that have zero flavor otherwise (like my gumbo). What am I doing wrong? Well, I'm out of sausage now anyway, so hopefully I won't try that again!

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Posted by Alyson at Tue Mar 16 2004 18:36

I have a fabulous recipe for scalloped potatoes with leeks and gruyere cheese. To die for. Really. Of course, of you come visit me in Kansas, I will MAKE them for you : ).

Posted by Susie at Tue Mar 16 2004 18:47

I had the leftovers for lunch and they were actually pretty good. I forgot to mention that John made yummy chocolate cookies the other day! Or maybe I did.


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