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: Shiela just called me and Jackson (the baby) should be here in a few hours. What great timing! Well, first of all, it's the due date. But Shiela got to come to the conference yesterday and get CEUs and Julie is back in town, so I won't be doing double duty. If all goes well, we may get to go see them in the hospital this afternoon!

Heritage hosted a conference yesterday on Youth with Mental Disorders. Most of it was a review for me, but the speaker was entertaining and put some new perspectives on things. It was also to interesting to hear her opinions on the drugs (medications) we use, since I knew nothing about most meds until I started having first hand experiences with them at Heritage; not exactly something a Rec Therapist has to learn in school (although I did take Anatomy, and didn't do so well, as John pointed out last night).

Anyway, today it'll be nice to do actual work, after sitting on my bum for 8 hours yesterday. And now I have my own kids to work with (for a few weeks).


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