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[Comments] (4) Fishies!: Please view Sumana's reasons for wanting fish. Now I want fish! But then I remember John's reasons for not wanting fish. You're both right. I'm torn. But they would have to be John's fish too. Ergo, no fishies.


Posted by Sumana at Wed Mar 24 2004 19:40

I think it is possible for you to have fish and for John not to be bothered with them. However, for that to happen, you'd have to make sure that the noise of the filter/bubbler never bothered him and that he never had to feed them or help you change the water or the suchlike. That sounds implausible.

Someday, if you have children, you could wheedle the relevant people into allowing a pet for pedagogical purposes for the kiddies. "It'll build character and responsibility and they'll learn to deal with death!"

You may visit my fish.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Mar 25 2004 15:55

Frances! I feel guilty, but rest asure that we will take Sadie to TX with us in May/June.

I have a very sad story but also unbelieveable. The weak at heart like Frances, Rachel, and Sumana...etc may not want to hear. I may be tattling tho...

Joe and Louise when they moved in downstairs turned on their space heater. It just so happens that the heater was right next to their froggy and fish tank. Having left it on all night, the next morning went to feed the 2 froggies and I think 2 fish. Maybe there were no fish, anyways, when Joe lifted the lid steam came out of the tank and the poor things were floating. :( Moral of the story, don't leave a space heater next to tanks b/c it will boil their water. RIP

Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 25 2004 18:38

John likes fish, we just wouldn't want to clean the tank. If I didn't have to clean it, I would definitely have some fishies. Actually, another problem is that our apt. is too hot to keep things alive in the summer.


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