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Late for Work: and I still need to *make* a baby card and mail a birthday card I can't find an address for. So much to put off, so little time.

PS I am doing a group with Bertie Bott's Every Flavored Beans today.

[Comments] (3) : I had a great day at work today. I went to Shiela's groups with her to spend more time with the kids before her baby comes. We played Catchphrase and the person holding it when the buzzer went off had to eat a Jelly Belly and guess the flavor. It was hilarious. My two ISU groups also went well.

I got my NCTRC certificate in the mail on Saturday. I am now officially Susanna R. Chadwick, CTRS. I will get used to adding the "C" in there soon because I'll have four times the amount of paperwork once I am working Shiela's units.

I gave Shiela a ride home from work today and she was trying to decide if she was in labor or not.

I tried to make Sweet&Sour sauce from scratch tonight. I didn't think it turned out very good but John really liked it. It was a nice day and we went for a stroll. Also, I made a cheesecake yesterday. It is somewhat runny, so I wonder if I didn't bake it long enough?


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