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[Comments] (3) : What did I ever do in the mornings before I started reading? Sleep in, I guess. If I keep my current job (well, the one nearest which would be possible for me to have) I will be working 12-8 everyday. Seriously, what do people do all morning?

Luckily, today is a non-school day and John has left the computer home to go work all day. He's working lots for me this week, especially since he can take his final while I'm at Enrichment (gardening) and not have to take time off work.

I am making Cheesy Bacon Spanish Rice for dinner. Yummy. I guess it wouldn't kill me to leave for work now.

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Posted by Kristen at Mon Apr 19 2004 15:14

You can go work out...sounds like a blast huh? Is John working Women's Conf again this year?

Posted by rachel at Mon Apr 19 2004 17:17

I find mornings to be my most productive time. I used to wake up early & get oodles of work done last quarter, which is why I am particuarly peeved that my mornings this quarter are taken up by *class*. I mean, I can be productive in class anytime, because I *have* to go, but then I come home from class & work all day & just don't feel like doing anything, & its way to early to go to bed early. I can't wait for when I only have to worry about work, not work & class.

Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 19 2004 17:45

I used to wake up at like 4 AM in high school, but I don't think I eer did anything productive. Yes, John is working Women's Conf.


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