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[Comments] (5) : Rich (my boss) called me into his office today to tell me that the Rec Therapy program is for sure (again) moving to evenings and weekends. So, M, T, Th and F I'll be working 12-8, Wed 9-5 and a rotating Saturday. For Sure. Rich has three weeks to rework the original evening schedule we worked out.

In other news. Hmm what was my other news. Oh yeah. Now that I am finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia, I've started up on Harry Potter again. I finished #2 this afternoon. Jodi borrowed John's #3 so we took a walk to the library to check it out. Then John bought me KFC, yummy. The library had at least 30 copies of HP #5. We laughed. The demand is so high in the beginning, but now, they are all just sitting there!

Yesterday I went to the mall to buy a sweater for Jodi's wedding. We are all (sisters-in-law) wearing the same sweater with khaki skirts. I really like the sweater. It's lavender with trim on the 3/4 sleeves and the waist. I especially am happy we all found something we like.


Posted by Kristen at Fri Apr 09 2004 12:14

So are you happy with your new later schedule?

Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 09 2004 15:45

I guess. Spring term john will be working and then have class until 630 so that won't be gone, then he'll be gone Summer term. After Fall, we may not be so lucky, but who knows what our schedule will even look like by then.

Posted by Alyson at Sun Apr 11 2004 17:42

Have you seen the new HP trailer yet??

I'm glad work is "working out" for you.

Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 12 2004 19:17

Rachel emailed it to us the day it came out.


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