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[Comments] (6) Good news: All of my job hunting efforts may have finally paid off. I am going to celebrate by making a card for Jodi's shower on Saturday. Saturday! We get to take Logan and Ember to the zoo after the shower, plus see Grandma June and all the rest of the family, plus get a bunch of stuff out of our living room (Jodi's gift, Grandma's puzzles, Mom's Mother's Day gift and movies and stuff from California Mom*).

*Can you think of a better way to distinguish when I have already used one "Mom" in a sentence? California Mom... it's like a Beach Boys song.


Posted by Kristen at Wed May 12 2004 11:23

Did you get that one job similar to Heritage?

Posted by *singing* at Wed May 12 2004 17:43

I-think-they-all-should-be.........California Moms!

Posted by Rachel at Wed May 12 2004 19:56

yay job! yay you!

Posted by susie at Wed May 12 2004 20:16

Well, I haven't gotten it yet, so.

Posted by Leonard at Thu May 13 2004 06:25

How about Momw and Momc, the was Momw refers to Leonardr and Leonardw.

Posted by Susie at Thu May 13 2004 08:24

That's a good idea, leonardr.


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