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[Comments] (6) Official Good News: My new job is official now. It's not, Kristen, at the place like Heritage, which, unfortunately for me, pays twice as much. It is at A place like Heritage (sort of), but not doing rec therapy, basically doing nothing while the girls sleep. I am very relieved to have a job, though, and I'll be able to do lots of stuff.


Posted by Rachel at Fri May 14 2004 10:26

Does that mean you have night shifts?

Posted by Kristen at Fri May 14 2004 13:33


Posted by Susie at Sun May 16 2004 10:36

Yes, 11-7

Posted by Kristen at Mon May 17 2004 02:40

Can you sleep there?

Posted by Alyson at Mon May 17 2004 05:24

Well, you'll probable get some scrapbooking done, if your supervisors don't provide anything else for you to do. Good hunting!

Posted by Susie at Mon May 17 2004 09:51

No sleeping. I can watch movies, read, scrapbook, eat, whatever. But no sleeping.


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