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[Comments] (1) : Yesterday was an amazingly fun day. John dropped me off at Jodi's shower at Grandma's, where we ate, played one non-lame game, and got to watch her open gifts (free stuff!). Then we went back up to Midvale, dropping off Erin and picking up Logan on the way, and did nothing until zoo time. We took Logan and Ember to McDonald's, then to the zoo. Zoo!

The Hogle Zoo is fairly small, so even though we were only there a few hours, we got to see and do pretty much everything, including the playground and the train. We paid $1 for a little seed stick to feed the birds with; the kids loved that. A lot of the animals were being really active, including the elephants, which were eating, the tigers, which were fighting, and the camels, which were biting each other and I didn't know camels made sounds like that. A few of the large primates were sitting in front of the glass watching The People Show, which Ember was a large part of. We also got to pet an armadillo.

Words Ember knows (she is four): Exhibit. Aggressive. Meerkat. Tortoise. She can't read; did she really learn those words from TV?


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