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[Comments] (3) : On Sunday morning, John and I started a new puzzle my grandma gave us. It's a 1000 piece Thomas Kinkade painting, and it's really hard. It's still sitting on our floor with maybe 100-200 pieces left. Of course I haven't been home much to work on it.

John has been very supportive with the crazy hours I have to work to train for my new job (not to mention the crazy hours I will be working). I am still doing some temp stuff this week too, so yesterday I worked 9-5 and trained 8-12 and today 9-5 and 6-8 and tomorrow and Thursday I have PCS training (physical interventions) then I have my interview for the Easter Seals job. John's been sending me cute little emails and working his stuff around my schedule so we can still spend time together. I think I will be reading a lot with this new job. any suggestions? I've already checked out tons of magazines to read at my temp job today.

Update: I got home late from running important errands (groceries, gas, scrapbook store.... ok I didn't get gas), John had made dinner! Just in time for me to go to my meeting tonight. Thanks, sweetie! Also, he did most of the puzzle while I was gone, and we have finally finished it.


Posted by Sumana at Tue May 18 2004 00:31

Having worked in a bookstore, I have many suggestions. First: complete Sherlock Holmes.

Posted by Alyson at Wed May 19 2004 20:47

Hoot, hoot, friendly night owl! You're a dedicated person to take on a night shift. What an adventure.

Posted by Kristen at Thu May 20 2004 12:01

That shift is bittersweat. On one hand, you don't have to do anything except hobbies- now that is what I call work! On the other it is at the worst time, and I can't imagine getting used to that schedule. At least John will be gone, and hopefully by Aug/Sept you have another job like the one you used to have.


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