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[Comments] (2) An Actress in the Family: Last night John and I (and Logan) went to a play put on by the Heralders of Utah Children's Choir. It was "Pirates of Penzance", with Brynn Whitney starring as Mabel (and I mean starring; she was by far the best voice there, says John). It was fun, although went a little late. Kristan and Sara were also in it, Jon built the sets, Sharon did the makeup and helped with the music, and Camilla painted the sets and also did makeup. It was fun to see everyone, including Pam and Richard Oman, who asked about you, Mom. Brynn was really glad to see me there =)

: Getting ready for my first grave shift. I've made a whole list of things I can do to stay awake, and I tried taking a nap, but it wasn't so successful.

Today was Jodi's marathon shower. She got lots of cool stuff. It was fun even though none of it was for me. My chocolate-dipped strawberries were a hit!


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