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[Comments] (1) : Jodi got married, and the first thing I wrote on my webpage was about Harry Potter. hmm.

The wedding was lovely. It rained and hailed while we waited outside the temple, but was finished by the time they came out. Of course the ground was nice and wet for her dress. We had a luncheon in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in the room (we found this out later) where Grandma June and her husband had gotten engaged. Grandmpa Holbrook died about 15 years ago, I think.

Before the reception, at Gardner Village, we took family pictures in our wedding clothes; The ladies (including Jodi) wore purple sweaters and khaki skirts, the men wores dark blue shirts and khakis, the little girls wore purple dresses, and the little boys wore light blue shirts and khakis. Dad wore his suit and Mom, a dress similar to the ones Rachel and Jodi wore at our wedding. Hopefully these will be nicer than our last ones where we were all wearing black.

I had some cheesecake. Jodi and Franco are on their cruise. John has also flown off to Florida for some training. I am here, eating a Melissa Taco. Dum de dum.


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