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[Comments] (2) : Today was a little more exciting at work. I had one project to do, and a lot of phone calls and visitors. Plus my sweet sister has been emailing me, and I also got an email from my cute husband. Email me and I'll attach an endearing adjective to your name! (or relationship to me).

Tonight: Lehi Rodeo. Ta dum! I am going with Nathan, his scouts, his kids, and his Mom, and also spending some time at his Grandma's, although she may not be there. (Nathan is one of John's brothers, by the way.)

[Comments] (2) : The rodeo was fun, other than the time I spent refusing to let Hannah manipulate me. Secretly, she was still manipulating me because I was trying to avoid a scene, but hopefully she doesn't know that. The rodeo was about what I expected, except I didn't know people went all over to compete in rodeos. Around the world for 17 seconds, what a life. Oh yeah, and Logan got to come. He is such a good kid. Let's have some like that, John.


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