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[Comments] (4) My Own Apartment: John left about 7 AM. Unfortunately, I kept him up late with talk about politics and other such things. I think he is excited to move on to something different (weather and jobwise), and to spend some time with Jamie and Dave and the boys and jumpstart his career.

I slept almost 12 hours last night. I am never really sure how much sleep I get and which naps get added onto which nights sleep. But I don't think it's been enough since this past week I'd rather have spent time with John than sleep. I have about 2 hours to call my own before I need to head up for Jodi's (last) shower. I have a lot of errands to run, though, and cleaning. I seriously slacked off this week on even picking things up.

By the way, I am back down to one job again. Heh. But I did already have three interviews set up for next week.

[Comments] (2) Free Stuff: When I called Nordstrom to see if John and I could return his shirt, it reminded me of when I lived in that house (May-Dec 2001) and my roommates and I were always complaining (genuine complaints) to companies and getting coupons for free stuff. I tried to see if there was an entry, but I couldn't find one.

It was probably around that time I learned to stand up for myself and not be afraid to call people on the phone; did anyone else have that phase? I used to make Mom make phone calls to even see what time a store was open, that kind of thing. Glad I'm over that.

[Comments] (4) : Maybe I am updating a lot because there isn't anyone to talk to. Funny, cause I just left my in-laws house, and Susan is always more than willing to talk. She reminds me of Grandma in that respect. Anyway.

I am driving up there three more times this week, twice for interviews, but I'm also sleeping there. On Thursday I am driving straight from work to the Jordan River temple. Then I'll be staying there (the Salt Lake Valley, not the temple) until Sunday, since John flies in late Thursday night. It will be a busy week, but I am excited I'll get to spend so much time with family.

The Chadwick shower held today was a "grocery shower" which was a great idea. Free food, plus it's ok if you get more than one of the same thing (I may just be saying that because she got lots of spaghetti, some of which I gave her). I want a grocery shower, just for fun.


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