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Ahhh Sleep: I slept until after 2 today, it was so nice to finally get to go to bed after work. Then I went to the temple to do some initiatories so some of my family cards can get done on Thursday when we go to the temple with Jodi. I am also getting a hair cut today. It's about time; it's probably been two or three years since I've had a professional hair cut.

[Comments] (1) : Over the past two nights I watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves *yes I know I watch a Ton of movies* and was startled to realize that the Sheriff of Nottingham is played by Alan Rickman, who also plays Professor Snape. I was even more startled to see, when I looked him up online to make sure I had the right name, that he has blond hair! and is much more attractive in real life.


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